Assembling mona lisa

Applying an used idea into the new identity system to test how well it carries random ideas. The details are made of icons of art materials & tools. Design & styling of the image by Koey.




13 comments on “Assembling mona lisa

  1. thomasking says:

    wow~Mona lisa i am blur soon~

  2. 3x3x3 says:

    this piece is just perfect

  3. Wengnam says:

    yes, it’s really nice

  4. koey says:

    actually it was done in 2006.

  5. Kennyville says:

    Simple , modern and beautiful~~ =D Good job~ Would be cooler if is motion graphic =DD~

  6. koey says:

    This was the 2nd brief when I joined grass studio.
    The brief was to form an image using recycled Dasein icons created by previous designers.

    So i designed some new icons and recycled a few of them to create monalisa.

    okie…ken, are you ready to make it in motion graphic for us?
    haha~thanx for the crazy idea~

  7. juan says:

    I really like your new approach. Awesome. Can i feature in our next edition of territory. something very different for a design school in malaysia….good job!

    • grassreport says:

      Thanx Juan, in fact we are trying very hard to show the board of directors what is this all about; I am sure with your support, it’ll make a great difference! Cheers! By the way, if anyone else is reading this, go hunt for the new Territory book-zine (issue11), definitely a collectors item!

  8. elric says:

    so cool~~~

  9. Dasein Ming says:

    Monaliza with modern style Really good job !!

  10. Wengnam says:

    I saw this before as a curtain if not mistaken at old grass’s kitchen, in white I remembered.

  11. koey says:


    hey, what a time machine Wengnam??!
    i got 1 nice shot for the b&w piece ( yea curtain in grass’s kitchen ) in my backup disk. Show you here next time.

    btw, its exposed to public when appeared as a backdrop design for dasein event few years ago ( check out page 9 ).

    * ps: just curious, you been there ( old grass ) before?

  12. Wengnam says:

    Yea Koey, been there 1 or 2 times, it was just cool, I like the curtain.

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