Creative Team

There are always no more than 3 creatives in the team at any time: an art director / production manager, a designer/graphic stylist, & a copywriter/planner. Production of bigger scales are usually outsourced.

The following credits goes to our collaborators of past & present:

Art directors/master craftman: Khong Lum, Beng Thiam, Eva, Meng Luen, Lian Siah, Shang Shoon, Driv Loo, Benji Lum, Toe Lee, Michelle Koey.

Designer/stylist: Lian Siah, Michelle Ketchup Koey, Leo, Issac Tomato

Copywriter/planner: Herbie Phoon, Se Yin, Jane Tara

Photography: Xpose, CUE Art, Kenny Chai, Chris Goh, Tian Xing, Studio DL.