Latest press ad

Not really portfolio material, more of a confession that most of the requirements in our briefs, for marketing reasons, are actually meant to be boring & mediocre. This one is targeted to parents, where the level of creativity is put at the ‘safest’ mode.


4 comments on “Latest press ad

  1. Fred says:

    I couldn’t read the fine print on this one but it’s pretty cool to use the “heart” and “eye” to emphasize “use your heart to see” =”attention is vital”. But only a Chinese person will understand this logic.
    This is thought provoking as well….

    • grassreport says:

      Thanx Fred, this was published in a Mandarin Newspaper for the Chinese community in Malaysia. I like your take on ‘attention is vital’. Great line if we could have an English version if this.

  2. Driv says:

    哈哈,正⋯⋯ 好IBM~

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