Photography tests

As this project has been dragging for too long, we decided to do our own tests. The problem: How do you shoot  profile pictures without a proper team of producer, talents & stylist? In short, no proper team & budget allocation to take this project seriously. Proposed solution: Snapshots in black & white with close up lens(to avoid hard to match colours & materials, & easier for retouching). While in full colour these pictures actually looked quite ugly, the black & white transition & the close up lens effect could project them with a ‘documentary’ look & feel.

No idea is intended yet for these pictures. If anyone has ideas to turn these into interesting messages, please feel free to suggest. 








8 comments on “Photography tests

  1. 3x3x3 says:

    I think all the pics look’s down to earth, affability and can show that students are learning in a harmony environment.

  2. Driv says:

    I think the depth of field looks a bit fake now.
    Why not use film camera? Just snap with any automatic camera+flash might looks better and artsy, it might be nice in B&W too.

    Or just ask Sun Lee to draw a portrait for everyone 😀

  3. grassreport says:

    Sharp eye, Driv; two of these pix are fake depth using filters. We tried using lomos before on other projects, loves the grain, but we feel the flash look on indoors were a little too raw for parents to appreciate. Oh, did we mention these pics are meant to target to parents? What kind of camera do you have in mind?

  4. Driv says:

    IC… i was actually thinking of Terry Richardson kind of mood, hehe. Lomo is quite grainy, maybe u can try those ‘sha gua’ camera, actually turns out quite ok, see gou lou photo: …Or, can just try instant camera or Seagull la, just throwing out ideas, dunno whether it’s suitable though…

    • grassreport says:

      Thanx for the ideas man, we’ll give it a shot & see wat developes. If we r lucky, maybe we could capture a few of Terry Richardson’s ‘porno’ look & feel? Hmmm… the sexy side of Dasein…I like.

  5. 3x3x3 says:


    terry richardson!

    let’s make it


  6. hz says:

    mood is there,other prob could be solved easily..but I like the most is the pic shown art works on the wall….

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