Direct Mail 2008

The brief: A direct mail to preach about art and stand out from other art schools.

The idea: Listen To Your He’ART’ & let your creativity out.

The End: Dasein Academy hates it. The students secretly collect it. Another victim of unjust budgeting. We rest our case.











10 comments on “Direct Mail 2008

  1. JennPerng says:

    “Dasein hates it”.. LOL
    I have one also =D
    Like this brochure very much.

    • grassreport says:

      That’s why we need a report like this to let Dasein know what students like & don’t like.
      Sometimes, the school might underestimate the creative sense of the students.

  2. sunday says:

    ??? dasien dont like arr??!! but we like it very much loo.. haha u know how we got this brochure? we “steal” it from the staircase beside the gallery… that staircase full of unwanted stuffs…. lol… we dont know can take 1 or not so called it as steal.. ==lll

    • grassreport says:

      Like I said… we rest our case; may the students be the judge of that. ; )
      abt the stair case, good for you guys, definitely a place full of chaotic goodies.

  3. Driv says:

    Lian Siah passed this to me when I was in Shnaghai, Haha, I Love it ~

  4. dreamy says:

    “Dasein hates it”??
    im confused, if the ministry and student confront each others’ like or dislike… how can the foundation of such education firmly established?? i thought art suppose to be widely opened, and no boundaries, discussable, which is not verdict.
    just a comment.


    • grassreport says:

      That’s why we need more comments on this blog. Contrary to popular belief, the folks who are making financial decisions in art schools are actually more conservative than banks. Seriously, I’ve seen more creative ads for banks than for art schools.

  5. Dasein Ming says:

    I call one junior to steal one to me to keep it…..

  6. clo9ver says:

    haha, i also “steal” it from dasein, i just tell them i want to take it for my friend who interested of art & design.

    but i saw a mistake on page 11 which is the headline “Diploma in Graphic Design”. your headline shown in “Diploma in Gaphic Design”.

    • grassreport says:

      Yes, we know; a huge mistake that reflects how short of writers we are.
      The moral: Never never take care of design & copywriting in the same job if possible, you will go blind.

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