trial class ad

This image was created for trial class ads in various media. The idea was to use miniature text books to disguise as food testers, encouraging students to savor new knowledge. Phorography by Kenny Chai, Retouching by Sam & Chui Ser.foodtest


5 comments on “trial class ad

  1. Wengnam says:

    my all-the-time favourite!


    • grassreport says:

      That’s creepy man~ I can’t even recall that headline, until now. wow~
      Anyway, just for the credit, I remember Driv & Lian Siah contributed to that line as well. That was fun. Not to mention memorable.
      Sadly, again, I also remember Dasein opposing to that headline in the press ad. (opps)

  2. 3x3x3 says:

    should b contributed by driv la, my cantonese sucks anyway :p

  3. Driv says:

    Was that really the line?!! @.@
    Hahahhaha…. i forgot! Bravest!

  4. Wengnam says:

    Anyway, I was just caught in a glance by this little line and the visual which advertised in b/w in a small column at the bottom of the newspaper, I REMEMBERED! The copy was just perfect matched with the food tester.

    Afterall, my career was just invested at Dasein. Haha…

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