Image styling for adverts

Without proper production budgets in props & photography, designers have established their own style in composing ideas. The following visual styling is composed by Lian Siah. brain-road-poster


3 comments on “Image styling for adverts

  1. Kian Leong says:

    This design maybe is ” too deep ” for secondary school students, for me, no doubt the concept is there, the way of excecution can be smarter and easy to understand, got room to improve.

  2. 3x3x3 says:

    The design is stick to the TAG, think play to start.
    it’s direct, PLAY and START.


  3. DATURA says:

    Sometimes it’s to our folly to underestimate our audience. A communication should be able to inrigue viewers, to create curiosity. I think this poster does that.

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