Diploma security design

To avoid fraud diplomas, This design has 3 layers of printing. The last layer is printed in UV-light-sensitive ink. When exposed, hidden message of congratulations to graduates will be revealed.diploma2


6 comments on “Diploma security design

  1. 3x3x3 says:

    Another mile stone set by grassstudio. The design are too pioneer in the art school field that i think no others dare to do like what we did. Proud of this piece of work although I didn’t involve in this project.

    btw, grass’s works has been spread among dasein students via facebook. Good respones too.

  2. DATURA says:

    Nice. These detailed touch makes the difference in the whole Dasein brand. the whole dasein experience. It is what will set dasein apart from the rest.

  3. Driv says:

    I wish i have one of this.

  4. Teresa says:

    aww…. i heard about this, but never got a chance to see it under the UV light >.<
    will definitely bring it to zouk next time. LOL

    so in love with my cert ^~^

  5. Wengnam says:

    one of my favourite

  6. Agnes says:

    This is so cool~!!!

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