Exercise book brochure

A continuation from the series: ‘Think out of the school’. Disguised as a typical school exercise book, the content of the brochure is filled with art work & ideas to encourage students to think creatively. The cover of the book says ‘exercise your imagination’.

DM_07 cover







6 comments on “Exercise book brochure

  1. Kian Leong says:

    Credit to the team,

    This is one of my favorite & one of the best you guys have done, is straight to the point, especially the note book what the students is using.

    The message to deliver to students is much friendly, the colour, composition, layout is smart until the design is not look like a design.

    This works fabulous !

  2. bosssuan says:

    does graduate students still can get this book ?interest…

  3. ling says:

    yup~ interest too….
    can i have 1 ? hohoho~

  4. Driv says:

    C’mon, I would love to have this brochure rather than those typical academic brochure.

  5. Teresa says:

    i love this.
    my kindergarten exercise book!
    it remind me of the very 1st moment i drew…
    and probably the beginning of my dream.
    yea, thats how i stART!

    keep up the good job grass!

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