Use more imagination

The idea was to show that students & lecturers in Dasein Academy simply ‘use more imagination’, which is the right side of the brain; hence, the half-parted white hair.

If you notice closely, you can also see the portrait picture in the name tag is of an earlier time of the student/lecturer before experiencing creative learning; suggesting that Dasein Academy improves your creativity.

Photography by Kenny Chai, Chris Goh & Tian Xing. Stylist & Wardrobe by Cris Yong. Art directed by Toe Lee & Kok Seng.meishan




2 comments on “Use more imagination

  1. Kian Leong says:

    The idea really hide behide the visual, lets we think big for other project rather only for college.
    I might said you guys think too big in a “small box “, I’m thinking to get a “big box ” to you guys to think.

    • grassreport says:

      Not really getting it; anyway, the idea was initiated from Kok Seng and I really like his thought behind the message. Sadly, the stylist we hired didn’t manage to bring out the look we wanted. So, for the creative team, we consider this a great idea gone watsed.

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