The value of art

The value of art can only be appreciated in the eyes of the beholder. With the right frame of mind, one can see treasures of art out of ordinary daily objects, or even stains. Supporting text for this poster series: be in the right frame of mindcampbellvangogh



11 comments on “The value of art

  1. Wengnam says:

    idea is good.

  2. Driv says:

    Lei Him Jeh, ah B yeah~

  3. grassreport says:

    Seriously, you should look at the faces of some ‘related people’ when they looked at these in our tests; it’s as if they don’t know the paintings at all. I wonder where the communication gap is?

  4. Chris Wong says:

    I think the communication gap is between the left and the right..

    haiz pity them.

  5. Driv says:

    Hmm… yeah, maybe students might not know these paintings, I have no knowledge about fine art at all when I was in high school. Such a shame >.< but for people in this line should get this.

  6. Driv says:

    Yes! indeed. When i was visiting some art museums in Europe, i realized there were a lot primary school students were paying group visit as well. So good they can get in touch with art in such early age >.< I only know read comics at that time.

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