Drawing Board Design

A drawing board is for art students to carry around during their outdoor sketching sessions to explore the world.

The visual on this drawing board design carries on the ‘A beautiful world starts from a beautiful mind’ series. The illustration series uses three iconic legends of mankind: Lincoln, Gandhi, Theressa; whose beautiful minds are impossible to be polluted; reminding the students to see the world with a pure mind.




5 comments on “Drawing Board Design

  1. Kian Leong says:

    Ha ha ha, these are interesting works….again, we can think for next step to ” think big in bigger box “

  2. kok keong says:

    Kian Leong,

    I love this treatment, painting on wooden board. Can think something for awards? Herbie, any thought?


  3. kok keong says:

    Btw, is this Print-making?

    • grassreport says:

      For awards, we are having a tough time convincing finance & marketing to allocate budget in it. Maybe to them, winning students awards are good enough. Any thoughts? As for the production mathod, yes, it’s silk screen printed on plywood. That, I believe we could produce in house.

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