Dasein Academy Direct Mail

The idea was to encourage students to think creative & move their mind away from conventional education expectations. Supporting text on the direct mailer: Think out of the school / exercise your imagination.

for Dasein Academy
work as seen in One Show Design





4 comments on “Dasein Academy Direct Mail

  1. kok keong says:

    Dear friends,

    In general, the quality of art and design is great. I’m glad to see my group of friend is doing well in education and creative film.

    my only 2 cents is… keep it up, but do it in bigger way. cut it short, Dasein needs to play a more important role in this creative industry, be more visible. Currently, there’re 2 art colleges are more visible than Dasein in different aspect, e.g. PR, Creative Awards and media coverage.

    Understand that Dasein is smaller in scale compared to the 2 main competitors. Hence Dasein has to think out of the box, do something interesting to create talk value and generate free publication. Best example is Adidas’s Vertical Football by TBWA Tokyo.

    Best of all,

  2. Driv says:

    “Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.”
    – Malcolm Muggeridge

    I’m not a good writer, so i just borrowed words from others 😀
    Dasein always has it’s unique points, please keep on the right track. What makes you all started Dasein at the very beginning?
    fame? money? or the education? Please don’t forget the love and the passion.


  3. Driv says:


    Actually after a while i started feel skeptical about advertising and promotional things. It’s only can push sales for a very short term. In fact the college should put more effort in developing better quality art education in Malaysia, and how to bring out the culture of learning art among young people. Yes, not only benefits for their own student, but the whole atmosphere. To make the public knows the important of art and design, is far more important than just to let the public knows your college.

    If Apple only put their effort in advertisement but not in elaborating and fine-tuning their products, they won’t have such achievement today.

    The ‘product’ of an art college, is the education itself. Education shouldn’t only for the student, but also educate the public. And of course the unique point of view and voice of the college is important. If you’re being sincere, honest, and passion enough, people will see it, the rest will becomes secondary.

    Just my don’t know how many cents.

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